Hello! My name is Heather. I am a photographer based out of Central Florida. I have 3 small BOYS so I am all for crazy mayhem during sessions. I actually use it to my advantage and my mission! Even though I am totally silly and goofy with the kids, I can quickly switch in to that serious mode to create some deep and emotional moments for the adults and couples! I am all for moments organic and raw. I am unposed and candid. I am your story teller. I capture each chapter of your life and tell a story through each image. 

I believe nothing more than to capture the unexpected moments that inevitably provide the most cherished memories you can ever savor. How often do you snuggle with your loved one or kids and thought about how amazing it would be to have that moment remembered for forever? That "happy place" moment. How many times have you been at home simply cooking morning pancakes with your kids or sitting on the counter with a glass of wine with your spouse late at night chatting about your day and you just want to take it all in? What about those times where you are having so much fun and you don't want to step away to grab your phone to take a picture of that event but still wished you could click the shot?! Or! What if! What if you are experiencing the most amazing chapter of your life... child birth? You don't want Grandma stuck behind the camera snapping shots of your elbow or blurry ones of you kissing your spouse, do you? No, I didn't think so! 

Those are just some of the examples of what I endulge in the most when it comes to photography. I am that person. I am that person that will follow you around and capture the unexpected moments. The unposed moments. The raw moments. I am that person that can recreate your most cherished memories and bring them to life. Everyone says, "life moves too fast, grab on to it". I can grab on to it for you.